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a & j inc.

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(no subject) [Jan. 9th, 2007|08:57 pm]
a & j inc.
j & i are trying to decide what we want to change our names to.

i like chudzinsky.
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2007|07:24 pm]
a & j inc.
crap. i forgot i made this, so i posted my wedding stuff to my own personal journal. but now i have remembered, and everything will go here now. success!

i am a lot happier than i was the last time i wrote about wedding planning. we cut out almost all of our guest list, and are now inviting the only closest of the close [12 people, besides ourselves]. after we did that, i started feeling SO. MUCH. BETTER. about this whole experience. j gets his family at the wedding and i get the private, non-showy feeling and small scale planning. everyone wins.

i have also since found a fabulous venue near our soon to be new home and actually PUT MONEY DOWN ON IT. for some reason the fact that i made a deposit on something is just bizarre to me. it's also bizarre to me that i'm getting married THIS YEAR. i don't have to say 2007 at the end of my date anymore. weird. weddings are strange.

anyway, here's some pictures of junk i'm thinking about/i bought.Collapse )
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(no subject) [May. 22nd, 2006|08:03 am]
a & j inc.


i'm just going to show people pictures of this wedding and tell them that it's mine. the ceremony is AMAZING. steal steal steal steal steal.

also, since i'm getting married in like a year, here's what i've accomplished:

i bought a dress that still doesn't fit!

it's okay though, it will. AND it has metal straps!
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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2006|05:56 am]
a & j inc.
absolutely no one, save my mother, is excited about my wedding, including me.

i know this is turning into less of a wedding planning journal and more of a wedding complaint journal, but seriously, how do people get excited about spending thousands of dollars on a party that no one actually wants to go to? i mean, if you can afford it, then by all means throw a huge shindig and feed everyone caviar. i support that. what i don't understand is the EXPECTATION that EVERYONE is supposed to provide an elegant soiree for four hundred guests. i've actually been told that i shouldn't get married because i can't afford a wedding. i'm sorry, my partner shouldn't have health insurance because i can't afford to provide m&m's with my name printed on them? please.

i feel incredibly duped about what weddings are. before i got engaged, i thought at most weddings everyone got together to throw a celebration FOR the bride and groom. apparently, asking for assistance that isn't financial, and that isn't from your parents, is a faux pas. in fact, there's a list of wedding no-no's ten miles long. no one informed me that it was a faux pas to expect people to pay for their own cocktails. the question i keep hearing is 'well, would you expect guests to pay for their drinks at a party at your own home?' um, yes. i don't have parties, but if i did they would definetly be BYOB. apparently, i'm supposed to put myself in debt to show off my mad hostessing skills. who the fuck am i supposed to be trying to impress?

i actually like attending other people's weddings. i felt honored when invited to the few weddings i've been invited to. there's something very special about celebrating that kind of commitment. i'm a huge sap, i cry when people say their vows. love is a beautiful thing, and it should be shared. when did weddings lose their focus?

weddings shouldn't be about presents, or salmon rolls, or fancy cake, or who had the best favors, or ten foot high centerpeices, or white dresses, or tuxedos, or open bars, or stuffed chicken. weddings are about love. the love that jordan and i share, and the love that we have for our friends and our family. i couldn't care less about if my shoes match the fucking table cloths. while i like registering for gifts [lets face it, comparing the differences between cast iron pans is fun.], i don't care if no one buys me a toaster. i don't care if people buy me anything. in fact, if you're reading this, and i end up having a wedding, and you come to my wedding, and you want to buy us something, get us a couple of bottles of jones soda. it'll set you back two dollars, and it will be way more delicious than a cutlery set.

holy mother of all, i need to end this rant. let's just say it's just no fun at all to plan a no-expectations wedding when half the people think you're in the wrong, and the other half don't couldn't care less if you got hitched in the first place.

there, for the first time in two weeks, i feel better. and if anyone reading this gets married in the future and needs help with their wedding, do let me know. i would love to help you throw an awesome celebration, and i don't care if you feed me. sincerely.
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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2006|10:39 pm]
a & j inc.
mr. j and i have been thinking long and hard about what we actually want to do, since wedding planning is pushing me over the edge. we have no decisions yet, but there are several options:

30-75 guest ceremony/reception at the city museum.

cost: $5000 - $7000 [OMG SRSLY? yes, seriously.]

pros: great setting, neat photos, fancy dinner with friends & family

cons: OMG EXPENSIVE, necessary family exclusions might offend some people, we don't have very many close friends, not many people are excited about our wedding to begin with, some people may not be too keen on our idea of a wedding, bush still president

parent only elopement to washington.

cost: around $2000.

pros: great setting, honeymoon/wedding in one, much cheaper than a wedding at home, can focus other money on a vacation [or whatever else we want], minister i absolutely LOVE

cons: necessary family exclusions [it would be nice to have my grandparents and aunt & uncle and cousins, for instance], don not officiating [though that could be done at a different celebration], bush still president

courthouse wedding.

cost: around $100.

pros: cheap as dirt, stress free

cons: stranger officiating, stiff setting, bush still president

small family wedding

cost: ?? [definetly cheaper than the first option.]

pros: some family and friends around, keeps costs down, could possibly have it at our own home

cons: left out people being offended, more expensive than options two or three, bush still president

options two and three could be followed by a small, at home reception at a later date, or possibly a reception at a restaraunt or something. the only con of this would be that the people invited might not take it as seriously as being invited to a wedding. or maybe that's a pro, i don't know. oh, and bush would still be president.
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numero uno. [Jan. 31st, 2006|08:38 pm]
a & j inc.
this journal has been created to spare the people on my friends list the horror of having to read about my wedding. jordan and i are actually not as bitter about weddings as we may appear, we just think weddings are taken ridiculously seriously. this is in no way the biggest or happiest day of our lives as we have no intention of peaking in our twenties [we hope, anyway!].
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